And how we may serve your personal and institutional investment needs. GAP Capital was established as a ‘new breed’ of focused boutique asset manager, and through this brochure we would like to reveal to you how we see the world of finance and how we operate,


in the hope of linking up for mutual interest. In the competitive world of investment houses, GAP Capital champions its appeal on a set of key values we call "3PS"


In delivering customized investment portfolio objectives and services for each selected client, GAP Capital aims to exceed their expectations, while abiding by prudent operating standards.


GAP Capital vows to provide the highest-quality modern investment products, through both strategic financing and corporate finance instruments.


Our own long-term objective in serving client needs is to become the leading investment management company in the areas we serve, the first choice for investment products as well as attracting powerfully qualified personnel.


What can GAP Capital offer that is unique and attractive enough to influence you to move business our way? Why should you divert your assets for us to manage?


We need to talk. In a face-to-face meeting we trust you wil appreciate the depth of intelligence and experience which GAP Capital brings to the table.


We expect to be able to demonstrate a range of strengths, qualifying us as star performers. First, our personnel, trained professionals with broad and deep experience in the investment management industry.


Next, we can call upon a pool of dedicated and qualified investment expertise. This is an aspect of dedicated servicing of our loyal client base, and sustains our business. We offer a full range of tailor-made investment products, to suit your specific investment needs; in implementing our programs, we outperform benchmarks, both in equity and fixed income.


The Company bases its decisions and projections on its dedicated research team.


In short, to our customers we represent a solid partner, with a personal approach. By maintaining and nurturing our contact network, using customized software, we support our fund managers' efforts, while developing a client database reporting channel.


A highly-disciplined investment team takes care to follow a defined routine in the process of selecting a potential investment target; each step of this process requires deep analysis and thorough research & appraisal, before any commitment is made to buy.


Although markets move with speed and urgency, a properlytrained and -guided Fund Manager will never skip any step, or overlook any piece of the analysis – you cannot hurry him into to a transaction (buying or selling). The pressures of time and competitive opportunity must never override cautious study and prudent appraisal.


In fact, each step of a defined process shall support the team and work to contain risk. At GAP Capital, the Fund Manager simultaneously focuses on the value of a proposed investment while examining and weighing risk factors.


Each member of the GAP Capital team has amassed a formidable wealth of experience in the world of Indonesian finance, and brings this experience to our new enterprise, with energy and intelligence. We present here below a brief introduction to the ‘Performers’ who will nurture your private or institutional investments.