Specialized Services, Manage Expertly

We accept only Clients whose probity and honesty match our own standards; to these we serve with an array of tailormade investment services and/or products, ranging from a private structured funds such as Discretionary Funds and Private Equity Funds to Public Structured Funds or more conventional Mutual Funds.


Examples of the latter include:

    • - Equity Funds
    • - Balance Funds
    • - Fixed Income Funds
    • - Money Market Funds,
    • - Protected Funds
    • - Syariah Funds
    • - Limited Participation Funds (RDPT), and 
    • - Discretionary Funds


GAP Capital has also structured Investment Advisory Services, supporting specific Client needs in managing their investments.


Reksa Dana GAP Equity Fund

This invesment vehicle ranges across the entire selection of stocks on offer at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), without exception. It may thus be categorized as a ‘country fund’, appraising, evaluating and committing funds to selected stocks from any type of Indonesian enterprise. The GAP Equity Fund is thus focused on those value companies which, in our studied opinion, may have the greatest upside potential over the long run.


The traditional major players in Indonesia include energy, mining and plantation companies, and these look likely to sustain growth and yield profit in coming years as well. Careful timing is of utmost importance, particularly since sudden and unpredictable occurrences in export markets or currency exchange rates may exert a strong influence on this type of concern.

Reksa Dana GAP Fixed Income Fund II

It is not uncommon for relatively innocent, inexperienced citizens to come into a large sum of money; in the case of widows or beneficiaries of a large inheritance they lack the experience and judgment to compete with seasoned players in today’s volatile markets.

The individuals fitting this sort of profile are most comfortable seeing their precious funds investment in Government of Indonesia and ‘investment-grade’ bonds.

Reksa Dana GAP Money Market Fund

Gap Money Market Fund offers safe and low risk investment on money market mutual fund, which is currently taking advantage of high bank interest rates and short term bond yields.

This money market fund is suitable for low risk investors who seek safe and comfortable investment.

Maximize your excess cash through our Gap Money Market Fund.

Reksa Dana GAP Balance Life Pension Fund

Gap Balance Life Pension Fund aims to provide optimum returns by maintaining a balance of portfolio weight on equity securities and debt securities and money market instruments in accordance with the risk profile of the Holder of Participation Unit.

This product is investing at stocks listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) and bonds of investment grade without exception. And in general the contents of the portfolio are the best of stocks and bonds from all sectors. GAP Balance Life Pension Fund focuses on issuers that have solid fundamental value, which in our analysis, has the greatest potential gain in the long term.